Marché de Noël Worms

20. nov.. - 23. déc.. 2024 | Marché de Noël en centre ville

In the heart of Germany, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Rhineland-Palatinate, the historic city of Worms comes to special life every year during the Advent season: The Worms Christmas Market, formerly known as the Nibelungen Christmas, opens its gates. Traditionally, this festive event takes place annually until December 23rd, with festive stands and attractions stretching from Parmaplatz to Obermarkt, Winzerbrunnen, and all the way to the Roman Emperor..

Worms is predestined for this market not only because of its deeply rooted history, closely linked to the Nibelung legends, but also because of its scenic location on the Rhine, which provides an enchanting backdrop for the festive bustle.

The organizer of this unique Christmas market is the city of Worms itself, which is responsible not only for the organization but also presents a varied stage program at Obermarkt, ranging from musical performances to theater presentations.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the Worms Christmas Market is its picturesque setting. Historic buildings like the Roman Emperor lend the market a unique atmosphere that transports visitors to another time. The market stalls line up along these historic sites, and the market extends over several streets and squares in the city center.

Visitors to the Worms Christmas Market can look forward to a multitude of specialties. In addition to handicrafts and culinary delights such as traditional gingerbread and marzipan, there are also local specialties like the popular winemaker's mulled wine to discover.

What makes the Worms Christmas Market so special and worth visiting is the successful mix of traditional Christmas market elements and local flair. It is a market that uniquely combines tradition and modernity, history and the present.

A particular feature of this market is undoubtedly its reference to the Nibelung saga, which is reflected not only in its original name but also in various cultural offerings and decorations.

The Worms Christmas Market is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car. For visitors coming from further away, the city of Worms offers ample parking facilities near the event venues.

In conclusion, the Worms Christmas Market delights not only with its diverse offerings and picturesque location but also with its warm and welcoming atmosphere. A visit to the Worms Christmas Market promises a wonderful attunement to the festive season and remains a lasting memory for visitors.

La Marché de Noël aura lieu en 34 jours de mercredi, 20. novembre à lundi, 23. décembre 2024 à Worms.

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20.11.2024 - 23.12.2024*
mercredi - lundi, 34 jours
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Ville de la foire:

Marktplatz, 67547 Worms, Rhénanie-Palatinat, Allemagne


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Où a lieu la Marché de Noël ?
Marché de Noël a lieu à Worms, au Marktplatz.

Quand a lieu la Marché de Noël ?
Visitez la Marché de Noël du 20. nov.. - 23. déc.. 2024.

À quelle fréquence a lieu la Marché de Noël ?
La Marché de Noël a lieu annuel.

Quel genre de foire est la Marché de Noël ?
La Marché de Noël est une foire pour les secteurs suivants : marché de noël, Foire de Noël et Marché de l'Avent.